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Our mission is to EMPOWER our clients to successfully ACHIEVE their athletic performance goals.

Our Philosophy


At Empower Golf Performance we subscribe to the concepts that TPI teaches, namely, that there is an infinite number of ways to swing a golf club, but there is one ideal swing for you as an individual. This ‘perfect swing’ may be different for every golfer, and can also change over time. Injury, illness, and life in general change our bodies and how we are able to swing a golf club. Your perfect swing at fifty may not be the same as your perfect swing at twenty.

Empower the Perfect Swing


Our Team is dedicated to helping you achieve peak physical development for your sport. Our individualized program design allows us to build a program specific to your particular needs as well as the requirements of your sport & position. We focus on building all of the key attributes of athletic performance to create an athlete that is durable & prepared.

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Meet Our Team

joe brown

Joe Brown

Director of Instruction

dr bosch

Dr. Kristopher Bosch

Director of Performance

dr arate

Dr. Robert Arata

Director of Health & Recovery

Tyler Wagner

Tyler Wagner

Chasen Shreve

Chasen Shreve

Alejandra Schnider

Alejandra Schnider


Harry Hall

The EGP Community


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